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Nextant S.p.A. - The Navcomm Applications Company
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Nextant S.p.A. - The Navcomm Applications Company

Established at the end of 2005, NEXTANT Spa is an Italian, private owned, ICT Company based in Rome, classified as SME according to the European Commission classification (96/280/EU).

The mission of NEXTANT is to develop and propose to the proper market sectors, innovative applications and services based on ICT and Satellite services.

To this purpose the Company participate to Research and Innovation projects, accessing European and National funding, to develop competences, system component or complete pre competitive systems to build innovative market oriented applications and services.

The process continues, through an industrialization phase of the prototypes packing them into competitive solution to propose to the market sectors requiring high degree of innovation.

Among the sectors of interest to Nextant: Infomobility, Emergency Services, Sensitive Goods (safeguard and fruition), Maritime and Air Traffic Management.

For some of those NEXTANT has already completed the Technological Transfer Process to the market, and some of its solutions are already operative, like:

  • VECTOR:  A Real Time WEB Service, to Monitor Sensitive Transport: 
    - Controlled Temperature
    - Racing Horses
    - Art Master Pieces - ADR
  • NESS: “Emergency Support System” to support the Emergency Services organization (Fire Brigade, Law Enforcement, Civil Protection etc.) to intervene, to manage, to monitor and to control critical emergency situations.

NEXTANT solutions are based on the most advanced IC Technologies, providing the best solution to the more demanding functional and service needs through a higher level of flexibility, scalability and reliability